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An AAAHHS Sailing Adventure Half-Price. Use It Yourself Or Give A Great Gift. And You May Use it Now Or In The Future

Get your Ooze & AAAHHs with an AAAHHs Sailing Adventure – for HALF PRICE with our “Help Us Buy Our New Boat Crowd Funding Campaign”.

Captain Dan is buying a new boat, but for around $85,000 it’s quite a bit to save and finance. But he has a great idea, “crowd fund” his new boat. This will save him time and expense which means you can get your next AAAHHS Sailing Adventure with a huge savings – HALF PRICE.

How this works: Pre-buy your next AAAHHS Sailing Adventure that you can use now or in the future. For instance, instead of paying $600 for a half-day adventure, buy it in advance for just $300. Then schedule your AAAHHS Sailing Adventure next month, in 3 months, or next year during your Florida vacation, or in 2 years, or 3 years. There is no time limit on when you may utilize your pre-purchased AAAHHS Sailing Adventure. Captain Dan plans on pre-selling AAAHHS Sailing Adventures to raise the funds he needs to buy his new boat. And since he won’t have big boat-payments to make he can save you a whole bunch of money on your personalized AAAHHS Sailing Adventure.

Are you planning a family vacation in Florida next year, or maybe the year after, and want to take everyone on a fun AAAHHS Sailing Adventure? Just think of the money you can save by buying it now and scheduling and using it in the future. And think of the great gift you can give with this savings. Did your parents retire to Florida and no longer have a boat? You can buy them the ultimate birthday or holiday gift – HALF PRICE. Then have them schedule their AAAHHS Sailing Adventures when it works for them, it will be all paid for.

Trip Length

Check out our crowd funding pricing and pick the AAAHHS Sailing Adventure that works for you, or the local people you’re buying this amazing gift for. All trips types are eligible for our special HALF PRICE crowd funding special.

What Happens If There Is Bad Weather?

There is nothing we want more than for you to have an amazing day. If it’s raining, cold, or just not a day that being on the water will be fun, we are happy to reschedule your trip without a penalty – after 60 year of sailing we’ve seen it all, and we don’t want to force you to see what you may not enjoy seeing.

All AAAHHS Sailing Adventure trips, should there be weather issues, the trip can be postponed. If it isn’t possible for you to reschedule your trip that was scheduled during a Florida vacation the trip is completely transferable to another group, yes, you could even sell it online and we’ll honor the transfer.

How Many People Can Go On Your Adventure?

Our current boat is great for up to 4 guests. And there is no extra charge for added guests, you are paying for your time on the water, not the number of guests in your party. Once our new boat is on the water we’ll be able to accommodate up to 6 guests. If your adventure is an overnight trip, fewer people will make for a more comfortable experience, boat cabins are not that big so having a larger group is not necessarily the best for overnights.

The same rules apply as with all AAAHHS Sailing Adventures. Even trips purchased on our crowd funding campaign can have the same number as guests as our normally guest-policies.

Excellence Is In Our Experience

Captain Dan’s many years of sailing experience is the key to you having a most excellent adventure!

A sailboat Captain may have passed tests and have a nice boat, but that is not the key to having an amazing adventure; this takes years, and years, of Captain-experience. Books, tests and a nice boat are no substitute for 60 years of sailing experience. With AAAHHS Sailing Adventures Florida, your safety and comfort is paramount, having a great time starts with you being comfortable. Knowing that Captain Dan will treat you right, and keep you safe will make your journey that much more fun and exciting. Note the picture of our boat covered with a tarp, when a hurricane is coming in it’s important to protect a boat. Captain Dan’s experience extends to the days he won’t take out guests. Keeping his boat safe is a full-time job for Captain Dan.

About Our Sailboat

The Cape Dory 25 is one of the most sea-worthy boats you can imagine. It may only be 25′ long but with its full-keel it has the stability of a much larger boat. In fact, most 33′ sailboats are not as stable as the Cape Dory 25. This means you’ll sail faster in light winds and still be secure if the wind and seas pick-up.

What We Supply

We will supply soft-drinks, water, towels, snacks and safety gear. We have a variety of additional safety and comfort items you may use should you forget to bring your own. If an overnight venture, we will supply pillows, sheets, blankets, toothpaste and other comfort items.

What You Need To Bring

Adequate footwear with a soft-sole such as sneakers, sandals or Sperry Topsider boat shoes. Please no hard-sole shoes of any type. And of course you are welcome to go barefoot onboard although we require you bring footwear in case of emergency situations. Food, will discussed in advance of your adventure (we can provide food if prearranged). If going on an overnight adventure please bring your own toiletries (we will supply toothpaste if you forget yours).

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